December News Letter


Pastor Andy
God’s moving in the Amazon Jungle of Peru and He’s using JungleMaster to forward His purpose. As I recently spent a few hours walking beside a young Pastor named Andy in the village of Roca Fuerte, this truth was cemented in my mind.

When we arrived in Roca Fuerte the greeting was similar to other villages; crowds on the bank, kids and adults rushing to greet us and carry our bags. Yet we immediately felt something different here—a heaviness that oppressed us. We had come to serve and encourage Pastor Andy, but we had no idea how much it would demand of us.
Pastor Andy’s request seemed simple—join him in praying for his parishioners. Three-year-old Rosa who was ill and out of medication. Walter, a young worship leader tormented by deep despair that confined him to his bed. Lamar, a man who had spent 10 months lying on a wooden floor suffering from a heart condition and ulcers. Magalina, Chandler, and countless more.

As I stood with Pastor Andy, lifting the needs of his people up to God, I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of bearing the burden of these people, something Andy and the pastors of this region do daily.

Our calling is to stand beside pastors like Andy and lift their arms as they fight on the front lines of the battle being waged for the souls of this region. These pastors feel a strong calling and deep burden to bring the hope of the Gospel to every person in the Amazon, and they are the right ones to do it. As they seek to meet physical and spiritual needs of their people, our role is to empower, encourage and equip them.

Lost Boys
You have heard it said the local church is the hope of the world. I know this is true in the jungle and I’m convinced that pastors like Andy are the catalysts for change. Standing beside them is our privilege and together, with your help, it’s the best way to reach the peoples of the jungle for Christ!

Your partnership in prayer and financial support will help forward this mission of taking the Gospel to the least reached and the un-contacted people living deep in the jungles of the Amazon.

Here are a few ways your year-end gift will impact lives in the jungle. $5,000 builds a church in Bolivar. $100 will help us empower and equip two pastors at our upcoming 5th annual Amazon Missions Festival, $200 provides food and fuel for national missionaries reaching far up distant tributaries to serve the forgotten. $600 helps bring a guest teacher from South America to the jungle mission festival.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join in the work God is doing in this region of the world to bring the Hope of Jesus to those lost and desperate for His touch.

Thank you so much for your partnership in Christ

Tom Clark
JungleMaster USA

Deeper into the jungle still

A little update..
I'm working on getting a newsletter out and thought that maybe taking a moment to write my thoughts down in a semi organized fashion may help. Forgive me if my ideas and direction wander here but I have a lot to contemplate.

Javier and Nanita

Lets add up the year so far.

  • We did a medical mission into a tiny village called Dos de Mayo. The river was low so it stopped us from getting all the way to our destination. The team was amazing, the North Americans had time issues so we sent our Peruvian team members further up river as we headed back to the airport. It took the Peruvians 10 days to make the last 80 miles and return.
  • We celebrated with 680 pastors, leaders and their families at the 4th annual Amazon Missions Festival. We are using licenced curriculum from Ceteca Seminary in Guatemala. We have educators from Argentina, Mexico, Peru and the USA; this is truly an international effort, and we are doing it 200 miles up river from the nearest road or airport. Our goal is to train national leaders to better equip them for ministry and to send them into further into the jungle. 
  • We finished another medical mission into a new area, working in indigenous villages with national leaders. As a result we are now building a mission base much deeper in the jungle , using national missionaries. This will be a stepping stone to taking the gospel to the deepest parts of the jungle. 
  • There has been an on going battle with JungleMaster Peru's Director of Ministry Javier Sinarahua's health. As I write he is in Lima getting his 5th Chemo treatment. Even though we have signs of some victory in this battle we still need lots and lots of prayer for Javier. 
  • Wilder
  • And my greatest sadness... We lost my dearest friend and helper Wilder Rios in an accident last June. If you could pick one man to help you in the jungle, to have your back and protect your interests, it would be Wilder.. You may remember Leandro and his medical issues, Wilder is Leandros father. 
Whats next?
I'm taking a group in late this September and we will be hosting a meeting of JungleMasters partner churches to discuss our future and leadership in case Javiers medical treatment fails.

We are also planning the 5th Amazon Missions Festival to be held this next February. 

What you can do..
Pray; we so much need your prayers to get us through these difficult paths we are on. I rejoice in being given the opportunity to serve God in this ministry and take it as an honor that the enemy would find this so offensive that he is will to throw his best (worse?) at us. 

Give; opps, sorry. Yes this ministry is cash driven to a large extent and these are difficult times as Javiers medical treatment is costing us an extra $2500 per month.

Last thought;
I receive a newsletter from "Survival International", they are a group that works to "protect" un-contacted  indigenous groups from outside influences. Much of what they do is great work but they are very anti Christian Missions. In this last newsletter they mentioned un-contacted groups in Peru and how other native groups in the area are aware of their existence and they know that these un-contacted run from white people when they are seen. That again brought together JungleMasters using national missionaries to train indigenous missionaries to push deep into the jungle to reach those that are un-contacted. These missionaries know the jungle, they know the culture and they are not white. Makes sense huh???

Rev:9-10 After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. And they were shouting with a great roar,

"Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the lamb!"