Tom and Janet Clark
Whats UP?
Well, I had a talk with a dear brother who's been a supporter of ours from the first days of JungleMaster, basically this was his point; "Tom, You stink at communicating!" He said it in a much nicer way but I know he loves me and Janet and all he wants is the best for us and he was right, so here it is... maybe a new leaf? I'll try as best I can to get a monthly newsletter out, if I fail everyone has a right to say what's up right in my face !! Thanks in Advance!

What's JungleMaster doing So far This Year!
  • Janet and I are leading a team from George Fox University. The team leaves June 26th and will return The 12th of July, Along with the well drill project I talked about in December, George Fox wants to have a Service Learning class that culminates with a trip to the jungle each summer. We already have the 2017 trip in the Fox budget it looks like!
  • The New church in Bolivar has been built and the Brothers of the Co-Frat are cutting boards for the church project in Mundial.
  • We continue to meet by skype with the Co-frat; the Confraternity of Churches is a unified group of 19 churches and pastors that we have encouraged and helped get licenced through the government. We meet to discuss missionary outreach, building projects and other needs and how we can work together.
  • At the last Seminary class at the British Baptist Mission in Nauta we had 7 leaders attend. JungleMaster scholarshiped these leaders with some assistance to bring them to seminary. We had some issues with them saying they would come then not showing up and we came to realise they didn't know the people there. Joel McGee took the teachers up river to meet the pastors before the session and introduced everyone and this seemed to be enough to get them to feel at ease and bring their families to seminary.
  • The New Boat is running! BUT the old motor does not quite have enough power to take a full load of passengers. We have made a deposit on a larger engine and are praying for the rest of the funds to come in.

Help, You Can! (yoda)
  • Pray! Big trip with Fox University, lots of logistics.. safety, health and Gods lead in what we do as ministry
  • Pray! Funding for motor, we need about 6k to buy the motor.
  • Pray! Church rebuild in Mundial and team to go.
  • Pray! We have three boats on the Amazon and right now not any one is at 100%, We are close.......
  • Give! Yep, we always need ongoing monthly support.
  • Give! Help with the motor budget.
  • Go! Yes; we need teams or individuals to go. This is what encourages the missionaries and local leaders. BUT most of all it changes the lives of those that go!
  • Go! Want to house sit in the Amazon for a few months?
Help continue the work of JungleMaster ministry in the Amazon by praying, giving or even going! Thank you to all those that have been on this crazy ride with us for all these years!
Bolivar Church
The new church in Bolivar.
Church in Mundial
Mundial Church
Praying as we have one church looking to partner with the church in Mundial to rebuild, looking for other US churches to partner with the Jungle Church to build up and encourage the leaders.
Our New Motor?
We've made a deposit and we need to get the motor on the boat before the team arrives from George Fox..
House Sit!
Yes, you can house sit in Nauta Peru, Joel and Amy may be going back to language school and while there the house in Nauta will be empty, Think of this, its the only house there possibly with hot and cold running water, maybe the only one there with running water?
The Pastors Attending Seminary!
Do you want to sponser a jungle pastor to attend seminary classes?
George Fox University design team includes the granddaughter of a JungleMaster supporter!
An ongoing joke is somewhere in Peru there's a warehouse full of toilet seats because they're never in the bathrooms.. Joel sent me this photo! He found them!
New Drill..
This is a sketch of what the Fox/JungleMaster well drill will be riding on. Our goal is a small footprint self propelled well drill. This chassis is what the drill apparatus sits on.
Church Members in Progresso
on the Chambira River. They're standing in front of the church they've started to build!
Medical Team.
We need to put together a medical team to go to Peru to work in the extreme remote parts of the upper Amazon.
And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15
In Christ
It's hard to explain how much all those that have supported us for all these years mean to us, we love you all. To the couple of hundred that we've taken to the jungle, it's such a huge honor to be a part of your lives! love you guys!
Your Jungle Family....
Tom and Janet Clark
  • Praise! JungleMaster is refocused and moving forward
  • Praise! The Co-fraternity continues to grow and take advantage of seminary.
  • Praise! We are doing well! It may sound strange but the Clarks are OK! God is faithfull
  • Praise! Pastors and families coming to seminary now!
  • Praise! The jungle church is doing their own missionary trips to the remote indigenous areas now!
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Greetings from The Abyss!
Not really... But this has been a challenging last 6 months, I have been through a funky depression and its been real hard to get back on this horse called "ministry". But after a self induced break I feel like God has been deeply involved in the process of helping me get through this. A missionary friend of mine just wrote, " I written you a thousand times, but never sent it". That's how I feel now. But hang on, we know God is good! Just read through what he has done and be amazed at His grace!

So Current News;
Urarina Visitors
Joel, Amy and Carmen McGee, our missionaries in Peru are doing well. In fact they have been developing relationships with the leaders up in some of the tribal areas. This photo is of some Urarinas visiting the McGees at the JungleMaster house in Nauta Peru
    The Church at Bolivar is being build right now and the process is going well! This was the 2014 Children's fundraising project through Cornwall Church and due to water levels and other factors it took till now to get building. The roof is on now and Joel goes back up on the 25th to help with walls.
    The "New"JungleMaster Boat..We're in the process of buying a different boat for the jungle. Its wider, cooler (insulated) faster, safer and has a bathroom too! We will be using our old motor and keeping the other boat for now. But this is a huge cash flow issue right now! It will cost us about 6-7 k to get this going. This is a great opportunity to be financially involved in the core of JungleMasters Ministry in Peru, its all about boats in the jungle!
    Oasis Youth Center.. From Bar to Youth Ministry! We have rented this building across the street from our house in Nauta. It was a huge destructive force for the community as a bar; Imagine no restrictions on noise or closing times in a residential neighborhood and mix in as much alcohol as you can drink.. Not good.
    We now have control of the old disco in Nauta Peru, and it will be called the Oasis Youth Center instead of the Oasis Disco Bar! This is an Amazing answer to prayer as I feel this ministry to the youth of Nauta will be right in Amy and Camens sweet spot. I'm so happy that God has opened these doors.
    We have some unplanned expenses with the opportunity to get this boat and opening the Youth Center. Please prayerful consider how you can help with a gift to JungleMaster Ministries.
    No More Mission festival! Yes, after 6 years we have decided that it was just too expensive to continue. In fact, we can send an enthusiastic pastor to seminary for just 10 dollars a week and it cost us about 20k a year to put on the mission festival; that maths easy! Plus it was a complete black hole for resources and energy for JungleMaster, it basically stopped us from doing any ministry for the balance of the year. Already 3 men from Santa Rita have begun seminary in Nauta and 4 more are scheduled to start in January. I am also working with Billy Powell to put together a small team of teachers to go to two villages with teachers to work with the most passionate pastors in the spring of the year.

    JungleMasters Short Term Mission trip schedules soon to be listed on Come and See!
    Thanks Again
    Tom and Janet Clark
    Lamentations 3:22-24, The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.

    March 2015

    I was challenged to produce a video with just my iPhone; here it is!
    This highlights the 2015 Mission festival.We had 380 attendees, 32 teachers and helpers. 60 friends from the Urarina Tribal area, 9 new believers, 18 baptized. What a huge blessing!
    It has always been my calling to develop leaders to plant churches to share Jesus in the Amazon. That’s summed up by the JungleMaster tag line

     “Bringing Hope to a Hidden World”.

    So, “how do you do that?” you might ask.
    Thanks for asking, let me explain. We often bring hope by bringing doctors to remote areas of the Amazon; those missions develop the relationships that allow us to ask if we can bring in our missionaries and have them start the work and sharing Gods word.
    “Are these missionaries North Americans?” You wonder
    Many times our first contact will have North Americans in attendance but we always use National Doctors and National Missionaries. We often team up with the people that live and work in the jungle to begin the work but the work is always carried out by the National Missionaries in the jungle.
    “Where do you find the National Missionary workers?”
    Great question! We team up with the local churches and use their leaders as missionaries. In fact right now we have 40 plus churches on our team but the leaders in the jungle decided they needed a more pro-active group to work together. They have begun a group called the “Co-Fraternity of Pastors of the Upper Maranon River.” (Amazon River)  JungleMaster has helped them get their legal papers in order and they have become their own recognized organization. In fact in the last month JungleMaster has worked with them to put a new roof on the Church in Roche Fuerte and we are working together supporting missionaries in a distant Indigenous community.
    “But how do you know what these missionaries are preaching, where have they gotten their training?”
    Now you have gotten to the really big question, great work!  Yes, we know what they are teaching because we are training them. This is the really beautiful thing, God in His awesome grace, has brought together a team of teachers and leaders and 2014 will mark the “5th Annual Amazon Mission Festival” that JungleMaster will host. The inter twinning of relationships through the years has assembled Guillermo Powell of Logos Software as the director of the mission festival and with his contacts this year we will have 17 world class teachers coming to the jungle to work through a Bible basics course.
    Even greater than that, if it could be greater, is that these teachers are coming to teach the jungle Pastors and leaders to teach. We have shifted our focus from teaching only the Pastors to teaching leaders to lead and teaching teachers to teach, from Children’s leaders to women ministries our team will be coming to equip a new group of teachers for all areas of ministry.
    This is where we find our missionaries. We grow them! (God does the real work!)
    We fully expect 800 Pastors, Leaders and Family members to come for 4 days of in depth teaching and building of relationships this February to the 5th Annual “Amazon Missions Festival”.
    Now is where you ask 
    “How Can I help!”

    We need your support. We expect this year’s festival to cost $13,000 and at this point we look to fall short. We need your help to provide the transportation, food, housing, materials and resources. You can go to and use the link to PayPal or send your gift directly to JungleMaster Ministries. 
    December News Letter


    Pastor Andy
    God’s moving in the Amazon Jungle of Peru and He’s using JungleMaster to forward His purpose. As I recently spent a few hours walking beside a young Pastor named Andy in the village of Roca Fuerte, this truth was cemented in my mind.

    When we arrived in Roca Fuerte the greeting was similar to other villages; crowds on the bank, kids and adults rushing to greet us and carry our bags. Yet we immediately felt something different here—a heaviness that oppressed us. We had come to serve and encourage Pastor Andy, but we had no idea how much it would demand of us.
    Pastor Andy’s request seemed simple—join him in praying for his parishioners. Three-year-old Rosa who was ill and out of medication. Walter, a young worship leader tormented by deep despair that confined him to his bed. Lamar, a man who had spent 10 months lying on a wooden floor suffering from a heart condition and ulcers. Magalina, Chandler, and countless more.

    As I stood with Pastor Andy, lifting the needs of his people up to God, I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of bearing the burden of these people, something Andy and the pastors of this region do daily.

    Our calling is to stand beside pastors like Andy and lift their arms as they fight on the front lines of the battle being waged for the souls of this region. These pastors feel a strong calling and deep burden to bring the hope of the Gospel to every person in the Amazon, and they are the right ones to do it. As they seek to meet physical and spiritual needs of their people, our role is to empower, encourage and equip them.

    Lost Boys
    You have heard it said the local church is the hope of the world. I know this is true in the jungle and I’m convinced that pastors like Andy are the catalysts for change. Standing beside them is our privilege and together, with your help, it’s the best way to reach the peoples of the jungle for Christ!

    Your partnership in prayer and financial support will help forward this mission of taking the Gospel to the least reached and the un-contacted people living deep in the jungles of the Amazon.

    Here are a few ways your year-end gift will impact lives in the jungle. $5,000 builds a church in Bolivar. $100 will help us empower and equip two pastors at our upcoming 5th annual Amazon Missions Festival, $200 provides food and fuel for national missionaries reaching far up distant tributaries to serve the forgotten. $600 helps bring a guest teacher from South America to the jungle mission festival.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to join in the work God is doing in this region of the world to bring the Hope of Jesus to those lost and desperate for His touch.

    Thank you so much for your partnership in Christ

    Tom Clark
    JungleMaster USA

    Deeper into the jungle still

    A little update..
    I'm working on getting a newsletter out and thought that maybe taking a moment to write my thoughts down in a semi organized fashion may help. Forgive me if my ideas and direction wander here but I have a lot to contemplate.

    Javier and Nanita

    Lets add up the year so far.

    • We did a medical mission into a tiny village called Dos de Mayo. The river was low so it stopped us from getting all the way to our destination. The team was amazing, the North Americans had time issues so we sent our Peruvian team members further up river as we headed back to the airport. It took the Peruvians 10 days to make the last 80 miles and return.
    • We celebrated with 680 pastors, leaders and their families at the 4th annual Amazon Missions Festival. We are using licenced curriculum from Ceteca Seminary in Guatemala. We have educators from Argentina, Mexico, Peru and the USA; this is truly an international effort, and we are doing it 200 miles up river from the nearest road or airport. Our goal is to train national leaders to better equip them for ministry and to send them into further into the jungle. 
    • We finished another medical mission into a new area, working in indigenous villages with national leaders. As a result we are now building a mission base much deeper in the jungle , using national missionaries. This will be a stepping stone to taking the gospel to the deepest parts of the jungle. 
    • There has been an on going battle with JungleMaster Peru's Director of Ministry Javier Sinarahua's health. As I write he is in Lima getting his 5th Chemo treatment. Even though we have signs of some victory in this battle we still need lots and lots of prayer for Javier. 
    • Wilder
    • And my greatest sadness... We lost my dearest friend and helper Wilder Rios in an accident last June. If you could pick one man to help you in the jungle, to have your back and protect your interests, it would be Wilder.. You may remember Leandro and his medical issues, Wilder is Leandros father. 
    Whats next?
    I'm taking a group in late this September and we will be hosting a meeting of JungleMasters partner churches to discuss our future and leadership in case Javiers medical treatment fails.

    We are also planning the 5th Amazon Missions Festival to be held this next February. 

    What you can do..
    Pray; we so much need your prayers to get us through these difficult paths we are on. I rejoice in being given the opportunity to serve God in this ministry and take it as an honor that the enemy would find this so offensive that he is will to throw his best (worse?) at us. 

    Give; opps, sorry. Yes this ministry is cash driven to a large extent and these are difficult times as Javiers medical treatment is costing us an extra $2500 per month.

    Last thought;
    I receive a newsletter from "Survival International", they are a group that works to "protect" un-contacted  indigenous groups from outside influences. Much of what they do is great work but they are very anti Christian Missions. In this last newsletter they mentioned un-contacted groups in Peru and how other native groups in the area are aware of their existence and they know that these un-contacted run from white people when they are seen. That again brought together JungleMasters using national missionaries to train indigenous missionaries to push deep into the jungle to reach those that are un-contacted. These missionaries know the jungle, they know the culture and they are not white. Makes sense huh???

    Rev:9-10 After this I saw a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the lamb. They were clothed in white robes and held palm branches in their hands. And they were shouting with a great roar,

    "Salvation comes from our God who sits on the throne and from the lamb!"


    Update on the flood relief

    As you may know there have been multiple efforts to raise funds for the flood relief on the Amazon. The really amazing thing is to see what happens when we "release" God to do as He wills... That may sound odd but I heard the same thing from the brothers at two churches in Bellingham. it went something like this, "The board discussed giving JungleMaster  an offering but we decided to open it up to the congregation and see what God will do through His people".

    I can now report that God has provided over $13,000 through just those two offerings.. plus there have been individual gifts and other churches help that will bring the total to over $16,000 to provide food for the flood victims in the jungle.

    Today our team in Peru are moving over 8,000 lbs of food up river to help. This is the second wave of food that we have transferred into our ministry area, 200 miles above Iquitos Peru on the Amazon. We are purchasing rice, beans, farina, cooking oil and soap in Iquitos and moving it up river on the ferry. The food will then be distributed through our network of 27 partner churches into more than 40 villages. Our relationships with the leadership in these communities makes the perfect distribution network and as we get the help out to theses communities we will be taking photos and video to report back to those that have so generously helped. Next week we will send the third load of food up river adding another 10,000 ponds of food to the communities on the river.

    So.. you may be asking why us, why JungleMaster? Its because we are the only help they have on this part of the river, there are some organizations working closer to Iquitos but we are the only group working this far up river. The staff in Peru reported that one Peruvian national group from Iquitos went as far as hiring a boat and loading a few dignitaries up, they ran up river with a few bags of rice and made some promises, but nothing more has come of it. So there really won't be much help from the government. 

     I will be getting out reports as we get the food up river and we get the next couple of shipments going...
    Thanks from the people of Peru and God Bless you all
    Tom and Janet Clark

    Amazon Mission Festival

    Greetings friends….
    As you may know JungleMaster is about 6 weeks from the third annual “Amazon Mission Festival”. This three day conference is your premier JungleMaster event each year. This year we expect over 300 jungle pastors and leaders to attend three days of intensive instruction on the basics of our Christian faith, sermon preparation and evangelism. Made possible only by God working through you by your prayers and support…..

    This year we have an amazing staff of world renowned Spanish language teachers coming to the JungleMaster Missions Center deep in the amazon including:

    Jaime Mirón, VP of Luis Palau association – evangelist.
    Abel Hofkamp, pastor from Cordoba, Argentina.
    Rafa Quinteros, youth leader from Cordoba, Argentina.
    Tim Marlier, Dallas, TX
    Sam Powell, Colorado Springs, Co
    Mark Bofill,  Calvary Worship Center in Colorado Springs, CO.,
    Jorge Arévalo, pastor in Lima
    Guillermo Powell - Logos Software.
    Jim Bates – Pastor Columbus NE ……..…and more!

    Guillermo Powell again will build content for the conference this year, his experience last year in the jungle has lead him to reach out to an amazing group of friends, to ask them join our team. Guillermo has seen the value and impact that this conference is making, deep in the Amazon. Immanuel Bible Church has assembled a team of support people to bring together all of the odds and ends required to support a three day conference.

    We also are working on purchasing  200 MegaVoices, these small devices are much like a I-pod with an external speaker, they are solar powered and  hold the entire Bible, 220- 30 minute devotionals and the entire Jesus film audio version.     Imagine……a tiny community in a dark remote jungle village, gathered each evening with the only entertainment they have; an audio Bible! These devices are available to us for under $40 dollars. We hope to give one to each pastor and leader that attend the conference this year. What better investment can you have in the lives of others; life to the full through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

    Put that together with the work God has done in the last three years;…. the only missions training center for 200 miles, the only bible study resource library with 100+ written resources, a jungle based missions sending church and a yearly bible conference that is the equal in quality and attendance to any anywhere!
    And What Do You Have?
    Your opportunity to be involved in an amazing work of God

    That said; this is huge and I need your help. Our budget this year is $14,000.00 plus the cost of the MegaVoices and we have raised about $9,000.00 to date. All of our supporting churches are invested and now I’m reaching out to you to help and make this possible once more.  Prayerfully consider an investment in this project………. Thanks Once again……………..
    As I settled down from a busy week in the jungle it was great to be back in the city and able to relax in a air conditioned room, my mind settled on the fact that the problems with logistics and safety were over. I opened my computer thinking that I would write on the blog but decided that I would check E-Mail first.
    The first E-mail read: Flight Cancelled - Contact Your Local Office. The elections in Peru mandated that airlines cancel all flights on Saturday. I'm not too sure how a presidential election would require that everything in a country stop, but that’s what happened. The stores were closed, the airlines canceled flights and the entire country focused on the election. I can't figure out why this was a surprise to the airlines but they sold us the tickets during the work stoppage.

    We were now rushed and the time to relax had to be delayed. I phoned the airline and managed to secure 12 seats but that left me with ticket and no way out... but a friend in the airport that managed to get me the 2nd to last seat on another airline. All that to say I had been delayed at getting out information on the Missions Conference.

    So...Stats, 788 miles on the Amazon transferring people and equipment. 6 round trips from Nauta to Santa Rita. 27 Churches represented, 25 communities, 2400 meals served, 276 pastors, leaders and families. Our attendance was lower than expected due to the compulsory voting laws in Peru. (One lesson learned) But God knew and our food equaled the number of people perfectly. To the last detail everything went perfectly, that’s not to say there weren’t changes and a couple of glitches but each and everyone on the team took up the challenges of the tasks without a single issue.

    We had moved the teams up river prior to the conference for 3 days, I set some to be leaders and left tasks to do and each time I returned up river I was completely blown away at the amount of work completed and way each one had become connected to the others. Never have I seen so much done by a team in such a short time. I would have never imagined that bringing 25 people together and with 1/3 of them not knowing the others would they have all meshed so perfectly. It really was a God thing……

    The first group were building bunk beds and painting, the second; painting and cleaning, all of the tasks were done and the mission center was 100% ready when our guests arrived.

    The voting in Peru is madatory, so all residents must return to their place of registry to vote or be fined 100 dollars. That made attendence to the seminar lower that anticipated. None the less, God had His chosen 276 people attend. Billy Powell, Carlos Arstoga, Jim Bates, Larry Reynolds and Jorge Arevalo all did amazing jobs at teaching. They all flexed with the changes and managed to work together evey step of the way.

    Praying with the Pastors
    We learned so much, developed deep relationships with the brothers in the jungle and the other team members. If I could have asked God for a particular outcome it wouldn't have been this great. Thats not to say there wasn't logistical issues, there was. Like running at night on the Amazon. Nothing quite matches the darkness in the jungle or the amount of trash in the river. If you have a spot light on to see the trash you can't tell where your going, you can't see the river bank. If you turn out the lights then you can just make out a slight difference between the trees and the sky, giving you a rough idea of where the river is going. Can't win...

    Anyway lots to do and will get more details soon. Keep praying, God has done a mighty work, mostly due to your deep and ferverent prayers.